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At the time of inspectionteeth in Vietnam

At the time of inspectionteeth in Vietnam,yellow color, their mouths are worse, they will be recognized and worth for what they spend. But not everyone who gets it will keep it because of salivary gland calcification. Please refer to the article on the method of enameled porcelain below to identify such an abnormality that it is impossible to know what is the factor not from inland to affect the quality of porcelain teeth but Only the eyes of the new xang look no metal? And it is the reason that the porcelain teeth have faded so it can be said to be yellow. Whether the voice is changed or not, the answer for you to suck water is more because the rubbish collection as well as brushing your teeth can be purchased in dental clinics and it is actually a method of making cosmetic porcelain.

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Fingernail teeth is a method of cosmetic dentistry quickly by using fillings such as cosmetic fillings or silicates. vietnam dentist prices

As the signs you mentioned above, it is possible that you have tooth decay and this is the cause of teeth broken a large piece. Normally when the tooth enamel only hurt a very small hole, or deep in the root of the teeth, the teeth are often unseen, but the real dentition through very small holes on the tooth enamel was severely damaged masonry.

In this case, the pulp is only a very thin layer, similar to a hollow shell only. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

When the force directly affects the hollow shell, the tooth breaks. Your case may be a situation like that. If that is the case, the broken tooth can be filled or not, the way is extremely good, you can fully see in the detailed and specific answers below.

Can the broken tooth be filled?

Tooth decay in early stages can be treated to reconstruct the structure very conveniently. Just remove the tooth tissue is thoroughly removed to the welding again.

Now there are many cosmetic filling methods with different materials. Dental fillings with amalgam fillings are cheap, durable, if well-groomed and well-preserved. The amalgam filler can last more than 20 years in the user mouth but does not have aesthetic value. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Cement silicates are aesthetically superior to Amangam because they are similar in color to the color of the teeth, have a strong bonding effect to the teeth, so few cases fall off after welding, containing fluoride resistant to cavities but tolerance. Poor wear and tear. Composite is a modern material, popular in recent years. Composite has more features than the above two types.

The best advantage of composite is very high aesthetics, there are many different colors to choose to match with the color of your teeth, the strength, wear and corrosion of the composite is quite good. It can be used for welding from aesthetically pleasing areas such as the front teeth to places requiring good bearing capacity such as crowns. cấy răng implant

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